We draw imaginary lines between things—between art and architecture, drawing and sculpture, past and future, space and time, micro and macro, mind and body, thought and feeling, oneself and other. It is in straddling these thresholds that transubstantiation becomes possible: one eye cast in each direction, each seeing an alternate reality, the two images superimposed and vibrating in the imagination. It is this ambiguity that allows for the richness of association that interests me the most.

I am using drawing as a way of inhabiting space, and space as a way of inhabiting drawing. Some drawings are created at 1:1 scale, the body occupying the building and the drawing simultaneously. I work with a continual responsiveness to the room, its shape, its character, its detail, the light, the redness and texture of the sawdust, the sound and feel of the rope and broom, and the marks they leave. Making and re-making, adjusting, transforming, the drawing continues to evolve over the course of the installation. And some drawings are created (in the studio) so as to have ambiguous scale, the micro becoming the macro, the miniscule becoming the vast.